Temporary Staff

We are international specialist recruitment agency delivering professional service to our customers in Europe and United Kingdom. We specialise in all business sectors.

The offer is aimed to customers whose personal needs are temporary. Possessing market expertise, salary knowledge, pre-interviewing we provide our customers with the best candidates to make sure you have the best people in your business. Employers looking for temporary staff benefit greatly from using ARPRO. We provide our customers an employee on subject to conditions agreed upon in a contract with ARPRO.

While the employees are formally with our agency in a contractual relationship, the customer determines the working activity of the workers time and controls the proper implementation of the delegated activities. ARPRO takes the responsibility for the timely payment, correct calculation of the salary and the payment of appropriate insurance and the tax calculation for all temporary workers.

Implementation of temporary staff - stages of cooperation

  • In staffing needs of our clients we identify customer needs and any guidelines regarding temporary workers.
  • We sign with the customer a cooperation agreement under previously agreed conditions.
  • We are looking for suitable qualified candidates from our database. We interviewing and checking if the employee meets required working conditions to fulfil individual client’s staff needs.
  • In relation to agreement with the customer; ARPRO delegates its employees for performance of work to the customer.

ARPRO as the official employer takes all responsibilities of each employee salaries, insurance and medical examinations.